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Drimz is a collaborative platform for design, development and deployment of UI components. It enables designers and developers to collaborate on a single platform to create high quality UI components which directly integrate with the developer’s codebase.

It all starts with design of UI components, from simple buttons to complete UI flows.

Whether you’re a small team, an established tech company, or somewhere in between, there’s virtually no way to get a product from idea to production without going through endless set of Slack messages, handoffs, and back-and-forths.

Say goodbye 👋 to design reviews, forever.

Now you and designers have visual canvas which builds on your existing code. Designers can now design and tweak production UI components. Every element of a component now become selectable, configurable and editable.
Design production UI components
Control animations and interactions
Every change is synced back to code
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Now you can abstract yourself from design

Stop spending tremendous amount of time turning design elements into code. Work closely with designers on components appearances (even if they don’t code). All changes are production-ready, developer-friendly semantic code.
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Don't let pre-engineering discourage you from sharing components

Enable easy discovery of UI components. Now you can easily share component' code across projects so others can reuse it. Or discover one you can use yourself.
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Collaboration on UI components made easy

For developers

Focus on what's important - writing logic. Work closely with designers on component appearances. Share your components across your team in a single click, so others can reuse them. From simple buttons to complete pages, and even complete UI flows.

For designers

Be in the driver's seat. No more fix-up rounds. Work closely with developer on one source of truth. Designs are only as good as what is actually shipped

For product managers

No more staying in the dark. No more waiting for sync meetings to see how the team have progressed. You can track, tweak and comment on implementations. All with a single click.

Ready to say goodbye to design reviews?

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